What Can a Mammogram Detect?

In order to detect breast cancer – and prevent it – as early as possible, your breast cancer surgeon in Houston will want to provide a number of screenings in support of your best health. One of the most thorough and functional screening tests is called a mammogram, and it is typically done on patients with breasts to detect any anomalies within the tissue.

What Can a Mammogram Detect?

But what can a mammogram detect, exactly? How do they work to identify any instance of cancer? What treatments are typically prescribed based on the results of the mammogram? At Breast Institute Houston, we are invested in taking proactive measures with your health and well-being in mind. Keep reading to learn more about the mammogram process and see how you can sign up for preventative breast cancer screenings today.

The Mammogram Process

The procedure starts with an x-ray machine. While standing, you will be asked to place your breasts on top of a flat surface. This is where the x-ray images will be taken. The machine will close on top of your breasts, slowly flattening them. This might cause some pressure or pain during the procedure, but it only lasts a few minutes. After the technician has taken pictures, you can step out of the x-ray machine and relax while you wait for the images to develop. You will be sent home and called back in a couple of weeks when the images are ready to be discussed.

Do Mammograms Really Hurt?

Some patients express feeling pain or discomfort during the mammogram procedure as the machine slowly flattens the breasts. However, the entire x-ray process only takes a few minutes, so you will not be uncomfortable for long. You may feel different sensations depending on the size, shape, and condition of your breasts.

If your mammogram results are showing normal, then you are in the clear. Your doctor will still want you to visit the radiologist at least once a year to continue monitoring the health of your breasts, looking for any changes that might appear over time.

Understanding Your Mammogram Results

If your test results show up as abnormal, it could mean one of many things. An abnormal test result does not always mean that you have cancer, but it could indicate another issue that should be resolved right away. Getting called back to the office after your mammogram can be scary, but just remember that your medical team is here to support you. You will be surrounded by a team of caring specialists who will explain why your results were abnormal and what kind of treatments will work best for you.

Mammograms are meant to protect your body and prevent breast cancer. Millions of patients are able to avoid fatal cancer diagnoses due to regular and early screening sessions. As long as your test results continue to show up as normal, you will be encouraged to return to the doctor to schedule another exam in the future. No matter what the results of your mammogram show you, it is important to understand where you are with your health and what steps you need to take to stay on the right track to good breast health.

Get a Professional Mammogram in Houston Today

Let Breast Institute Houston be your ultimate resource for breast health and screenings. We offer regular appointments for a mammogram in Houston, which are available to anybody looking to monitor the health of their breasts. Cancer prevention is a major reason to keep up with regular breast screenings. And it is good to stay on top of your wellness needs to guarantee a long life of good health in the future. Contact us today to learn more and to take that first step towards better health.

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