The Relationship Between Lymph Nodes and Cancer

Many of us have heard the term “lymph node”, but not many of us understand specifically what their purpose is. These nodes are integral to the function of our body and it’s good to know specifically why they are so important. For any questions regarding this issue, or for a lymph node biopsy in Houston, contact Breast Institute Houston to find out more. What Are Lymph Nodes? Despite often being tied to cancer, it is important to know that lymph nodes are separate and are crucial to the health of our bodies. A part of the lymphatic system, lymph nodes act like filters and trap bacteria, viruses, and other waste that can cause infection. These lymph nodes are scattered throughout the body and fight infection to maintain our body’s health. It is like having an army to fight bacteria in your body because the nodes are all connected via …

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How Does Chemotherapy Work?

Cancer treatment chemotherapy room

While there is no one cure for the many forms of cancer, modern medicine has discovered the procedure of chemotherapy as a measure to combat cancer in the human body. However, the process of chemotherapy is a confusing one to understand and there are many different aspects to the treatment. For clarity about chemotherapy, read our guide on how chemotherapy works. If you need chemotherapy in Houston and are looking for a qualified medical professional, contact the team at the Breast Institute Houston. What is Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is the process of using a drug or a combination of drugs through an intravenous or endocrine application to treat cancer. This process has proven to be an effective but painful treatment, as the drugs used are classified as systemic treatments. This means that in the process of trying to kill or slow fast-growing cancer cells, it can also target healthy, fast-growing …

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