Ways to Maintain Breast Health

Woman making breast health symbol with her hands

Healthy breast tissue is a vital component to general human health for people regardless of their biological sex. However, biological women do need to be even more aware of their breast health. Due to their cyclical exposure to higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, biological women are far more likely to develop breast cancer during their lifetime. In fact, only 1% of all breast cancer cases occur in biological men. Let’s look at ways to maintain breast health. Ways to Maintain Breast Health Breast health isn’t that different from any other aspect of your health. You will thrive when you manage your stress, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, eat nutritionally-balanced meals, and exercise a few days a week. With that said, there are specific things you can do within those categories to be even kinder to your breasts. These are our top suggestions for breast cancer prevention in Houston. …

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