Tackling the Psychological Effects of Breast Cancer

Daughter hugging cancer survivor mother helping with breast cancer depression

It is never easy to receive a cancer diagnosis. Everyone responds differently. Some treat it as a call to action, immediately scheduling and researching everything they possibly can. Others freeze for a moment, unable to fully process what just occurred. Regardless of the manner in which you respond to your cancer diagnosis, there is one consideration that is almost unique to breast cancer, the fact that your body will never look the same again. Breast cancer depression is very real, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps to counter it.

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You’ve Survived Breast Cancer, Now What?

Once the terror of looming breast cancer finally subsides, it can be difficult to decide what your next move should be. After all, you’ve survived breast cancer and that’s nothing to bat an eye at! All that said, to prevent recurrence and simply feel better, there are a few healthy lifestyle changes anyone can and should make. For more information on living with breast cancer, breast cancer surgery, and seeing a breast cancer specialist in Houston, contact the Breast Institute Houston today. Kick Bad Habits The first step to living better after you’ve survived a brush with breast cancer is to escape any lingering bad habits. If you still smoke, it’s safe to say that it’s time to kick that habit to the curb. If your sweet tooth is out of control, then it’s time to bring that sugar addiction down to more manageable levels. For anyone who doesn’t …

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