Myths About Cancer Causes

In a world of rapidly-spreading misinformation, people can attribute just about anything as a cause of cancer. That is why our breast cancer specialists are here to bust the most common myths about cancer causes to help you get closer to the truth. In addition to offering the best breast tumor treatment options in Houston, the Breast Institute of Houston provides several prevention and evaluation services to help all types of patients dealing with cancer-related issues.

Myths About Cancer Causes

Below, we’ll list the 5 biggest myths about the causes of cancer and replace them with the truth so you know what lifestyle habits to avoid – and which ones you don’t need to worry about.

Myth: Microwaves Cause Cancer

Some folks shy away from the ease and convenience of a microwave as they believe that plastic wraps and other containers can release cancer-causing toxins into the air when microwaved. They might worry that these chemicals can leak into the food items as well, especially if they are prone to melting in the heating machine.

If the food item or container is labeled “Safe for Use in Microwave”, it does not pose a threat to potential cancer. You don’t need to worry about this appliance being the source of your possible health issues.

Myth: Cancer Always Means Death

Cancer can be a grave diagnosis and something very overwhelming for a patient to deal with. It does not, however, mean a guaranteed death sentence. With many advanced types of treatments available, some cancers can be successfully removed through surgery, chemotherapy, infusions, and other types of care.

Thankfully, the likelihood of death from cancer is dropping, with the Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer highlighting that the 5-year survival rates on many major cancer types are now higher than 90%. While every case of cancer is extremely different, it is important to have an overall positive outlook that prevention and treatment are more than possible.

Myth: Eating Sugar Increases Your Risk of Cancer

While your doctor may recommend that you stay away from a high-sugar diet for many reasons, causing cancer is not one of them. While studies have revealed that cancer cells do consume glucose at a faster rate than regular cells, it does not create or exacerbate existing cancer symptoms. If you stop eating sugar, it will not reduce the rate of cancer either.

Myth: Your Attitude Determines Your Fate

While we always recommend having a positive – or at least a realistic – outlook on whatever your prognosis may be, there is no scientific evidence to support that being particularly positive or negative will affect your chances of dying from cancer.

Cancer is a serious disease, and it’s natural to feel a range of emotions when you first learn of your diagnosis. Anger, sadness, and negativity often come along with that. You may find some notes of happiness during your treatment journey, and you may end up responding to treatment positively. It’s important to stay in touch with your doctor so you always know exactly where you stand with your cancer status.

Myth: Phones and Power Lines Can Cause Cancer

For the last couple of decades, many people have expressed concern that cell phones and power lines emit frequencies that can cause cancer. There is fear that these invisible radio signals can enter our bodies and damage genes, causing cancerous cells to grow. The truth of the matter is that phones emit energy on a frequency that is too low to do us any harm. Similarly, power lines emit low-frequency electromagnetic waves. This cannot damage our internal organs or cells.

Learn More About Cancer Today

Buying into myths about cancer causes can be dangerous if you aren’t fully prepared. The best way to understand and process your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options is to learn about cancer the right way. Get in touch with our friendly experts today to find out about your own breast cancer risk and learn about the best treatment options available to you ASAP.

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