Misconceptions About Breast Cancer

As one of the most common forms of cancer around the world, breast cancer is caused by a myriad of different conditions and produces a number of symptoms. People have had a wide range of experiences with breast cancer. So there remain a lot of myths surrounding the disease. Let’s break down some misconceptions about breast cancer.

Misconceptions About Breast Cancer

The best way to get ahead of cancer and utilize treatments effectively remainss to understand the facts as much as you can. Today, your trusted breast surgeon in Houston will talk about some of the biggest misconceptions about breast cancer. We break down the myths that can change the way you think about prevention and treatment.

Only Women Get Breast Cancer

Probably one of the most common misconceptions about this disease is that it only affects women. While folks with big breasts may be more likely to develop breast cancer, everybody has breast tissue and is therefore susceptible. In fact, men have a higher mortality rate than women when it comes to breast cancer.

Lumps Always Mean Cancer

There are many different conditions that can cause a variety of lumps and bumps to form inside the breast tissue. It is a good idea to routinely examine your breasts to search for these lumps; but when you do find them, there is no need to be afraid. Cysts, scar tissues, and other issues can be causing lumps that may send up some warning signals. Make sure to visit your doctor and get yourself checked out for better peace of mind.

Cancer is Caused By Coffee

People can find a reason to be alarmed by just about any type of ingredient they consume. While there are certainly some dangerous substances out there that may be linked to cancer, coffee is not one of them. In fact, expert research shows that caffeine can reduce the risk of cancer altogether. You can talk with your doctor about the additional health effects of coffee if you are worried that it is hurting your daily routine.

Breast Cancer Risk is Inevitable

A lot of people tend to believe that if you have a family history, or if you have other types of risk, there is nothing you can do to prevent eventual breast cancer. There prove actually quite a few things you can start doing in your daily life. Each works to reduce your risk of breast cancer, as well as all cancer overall. Start by engaging in daily exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. Then you can not only extend your lifespan but increase your chances for good health as you continue to age.

Mammograms Cause Cancer

Mammograms are a necessary part of the screening process. They can help detect and prevent breast cancer for the betterment of your overall health. Some people worry that, due to the nature of the test. They fear it can cause cancer to spread further throughout the breasts. Fortunately, this proves certainly untrue. Mammogram X-rays use incredibly low radiation and act as one of the best ways to thoroughly check your breasts for cancer.

Prevent Cancer and Support Your Health Today

Learn more about treatment and breast cancer prevention when you schedule an appointment with your trusted specialist at Breast Institute Houston. We offer advanced solutions for screening, prevention, and treatment of all types of breast cancer. Whether you are at risk or you just want to be more in touch with your personal health and well-being, our friendly team of experts can help you start a much more progressive journey to prevent the spread of breast cancer. The earlier you start looking out for the warning signs of cancer, the much easier it will be to prevent. Contact us now to get started!

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