Importance of Early Detection for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a fast-acting disease that has the best chance of being treated when the symptoms are caught early. However, many folks with breast cancer display no symptoms at all before the cancer starts to grow. This is why your local breast cancer surgeon in Houston cannot emphasize enough the importance of early detection for breast cancer prevention and easy treatment. Read the following information below to learn more about breast cancer screening options and schedule your personal consultation with our breast specialists today.

Importance of Early Detection for Breast Cancer

Early detection will always be the number one answer that doctors give in response to questions about how to best treat this monstrous disease. While there is still no surefire cure, there are a few different tests and screening options that allow patients and doctors to look for cancer much earlier in the development process. Thankfully, early detection has led to some positive outcomes in cancer treatment and remission.

Types of Early Detection Tests

Depending on whether or not you are currently showing symptoms or just visiting for regular screening, there are a few different ways to spot and detect the beginnings of breast cancer as early as possible:


A biopsy is a test that is taken from a very small sample of tissue in the area of your breasts where cancer may or may not be present. This is not a first-stage test, as biopsies are typically only performed after other types of imaging and screenings have shown the possibility of cancer.


Mammograms are tests that seek out abnormalities within your breast tissue. This is a common type of screening, although most patients do not get one regularly. The CDC recommends that you get a breast cancer screening every two years unless otherwise told by your doctor.


Another non-invasive form of testing is via ultrasound. This test can work on the surface of your breasts. This is a visual imaging test that can detect lumps, bumps, or other abnormalities that may be another sign of cancer. Depending on the results of your ultrasound, your doctor may recommend additional types of tests to confirm or rule out the possibility of breast cancer.

Knowing the Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Another way to invest in early detection is by being aware of the major signs and symptoms that can occur. Keep in mind that not everyone shows symptoms, or shows symptoms in the same way.

  • Pain, swelling, or discomfort on one or both of the breasts.
  • Nipple pain or sensitivity
  • Discharge from the nipples that aren’t breast milk
  • Retracted nipples
  • Swollen lymph nodes around the breasts, arms, shoulder, or collarbone
  • A tendency towards illness and fatigue

Not every tumor on the breast is cancerous. Tumors can cause a number of these symptoms, which might be alarming in patients who aren’t sure what might be going on in their bodies. Get in touch with your doctor and schedule a screening before making conclusions about the status of your health.

Get Top-Notch Cancer Care at the Breast Institute of Houston

The process of early breast cancer detection can make you feel afraid and vulnerable. Our cancer specialists are here to help comfort and guide you through the easy screening process. From biopsy options to a top-notch mammogram in Houston, we have a number of advanced solutions for diagnosis and treatment that guarantee the best of care. Get in touch with us now to schedule a personal appointment with our cancer specialists and inquire about the best screening options for you when you let us know about your individual health needs.

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