Fight Breast Cancer with Healthy Habits

People with a family history of breast cancer risk are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. It’s a matter of genetic predisposition, but that doesn’t mean you’re defenseless. You can actually preemptively improve your chances of surviving breast cancer by practicing healthy habits in your daily lives. Let’s look at how you can fight breast cancer with healthy habits.

Fight Breast Cancer with Healthy Habits

Here are just a handful of lifestyle choices you can make to improve your ability to fight cancer.

Exercise Regularly

It isn’t always easy to make time for exercise. The average American works long hours in a mostly static physical state. However, regular exercise is a vital part of maintaining our health, especially as we age. Experts suggest that the average adult needs 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Seventy-five minutes of more vigorous activity each week will also do the trick. By staying in reasonably good physical health, you will be giving your body the tools it needs to fight.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Another aspect of general health that you should consider is your weight. Every person has a healthy weight range based on their height and general build. By staying within a reasonable range research shows that you will actually reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. This is especially true for patients who have already gone through menopause.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Regular alcohol consumption is a significant risk factor for practically all cancer types, and breast cancer is no exception. People with female biology who drink 2-5 alcoholic beverages daily are 150% more likely to develop cancer when compared to someone who doesn’t consume alcohol at all. Although, eliminating alcohol is clearly your best option, you can also mitigate your risk by reducing overall consumption.

Increase Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

You don’t have to become a vegetarian, but you may want to consider increasing the percentage of your diet that’s devoted to fruits and vegetables. This relatively minor change in diet will increase your overall vitamin and mineral intake, which can be helpful for boosting your immune system and eventually fighting cancer if you do end up developing it at some point during your lifetime.

Opt for Whole Grains Whenever Possible

When it comes to your diet, you want to avoid empty calories if you can. One way you can improve the overall quality of your diet is to opt for whole grains whenever possible. These foodstuffs contain higher levels of fiber and trace minerals, which will help to maintain your overall health.

Avoid Tobacco

Cigarettes and other tobacco products are known to contain carcinogens. Tobacco use, like alcohol, increases your general risk of developing cancer. Therefore, you should avoid tobacco products as much as possible if you’re hoping to mitigate your risk factors.

See Your Doctor Regularly

Aside from taking care of your body, you should perform self-examinations regularly. In addition, to regularly checking your body for irregularities, you should start having annual mammograms in your 40s or 50s, depending on your genetic risk factors. To establish a preventative care schedule, discuss your family history with your doctor.

Dealing with Cancer When it Occurs

Sadly, there isn’t a magical formula for avoiding or beating cancer. By taking care of yourself and avoiding established risk factors, you can give your body the best opportunity for beating cancer if you do encounter it eventually. If that situation should arise, then your breast cancer surgeon in Houston will help to guide you through the process of tackling your cancer one step at a time.

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